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Workshop: Defining Your Why


Please provide any access requirements upon booking.

As creative professionals – our roles, projects and portfolio of work can be so varied and so diverse; like a beautiful pick and mix – but it can be difficult to know where to start when you’re in a situation and have to tell someone else what you do and coherently explain the breadth. And yet, it’s an important part of your personal brand, funding applications, job applications, marketing yourself, your social media, networking, project pitching etc.

This participatory Zoom session led by theatre, drama and creative learning company Mortal Fools will focus on developing your elevator pitch which will help you communicate what you do more confidently- this workshop will get you thinking about who you are, what you do, your personal values, what you love about what you do and how to effectively communicate that in a few lines.

Post workshop – all participants will receive workshop notes with resources highlighted and you will get access to a Mortal Fools Facebook group, so you can ask questions and of course, offer each other peer to peer support and advice.

This workshop is programmed by NEPN for photographers as part of the SHIFTS project.

ACCESS: This event can be supported by a British Sign Language (BSL) Interpreter. Please let us know about any access requirements you have when you book your ticket or by emailing:

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Defining your why

Connect: Defining your Why