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Social: NEPN Social: Flex & Stretch w/ Victoria Louise Doyle

Pop Recs Ltd, 172-175 High Street West, Sunderland, SR1 1UP

Pop Recs is wheelchair accessible. Please let us know if you have any other access requirements.

Join us for a special NEPN ‘Flex & Stretch’ Social.  You are invited to bring along an unfinished or unresolved task (along with anything needed to resolve it). This task could be something that you can’t face doing because it’s tedious, it might be something you don’t currently possess the skills for or don’t have time to complete right now.

During the Social we will work collectively to resolve as many tasks as we can, drawing upon the skills and energy of all participants.

Here are some things currently on my, ‘To Do’ list to inspire you:

  • Write a statement for a completed project – I’ve tried but it feels impossible right now.
  • Draw up a design for four-panel folding glass screen – not sure what’s stopping me doing this.

It might be that you need support to describe your practice or something involving software knowledge or practical know-how.

Let us know you’re coming by emailing: and please do let us know if you have any access requirements. Feel free to bring something even if you think it’s impossible to be solved!

This Social is programmed by NEPN and will be facilitated by Victoria Louise Doyle.

Flex & Stretch is based upon Work Party for Cheats, a workshop lead by Rachael Clerke, which is based upon Social Muscle Club, an international performance art project which all about giving and taking.

Pop Recs is a café, music and arts venue and community hub located in the heart of Sunderland.

Victoria Louise Doyle is an Artist and Creative Learning/Collaborator/Facilitator based in Newcastle-upon-Tyne. Her practice stems from a fascination with photography and is propelled by the desire to learn more about it.

Victoria is a member of Revolv Collective; an organisation that seeks to champion emerging artists through alternative teaching, collective working and collaboration in Photography and the Visual Arts. They also work as an Academic Tutor on BA Photography, Video and Digital Imaging and the Integrated Foundation at University of Sunderland.  Victoria considers creative learning collaboration-facilitation integral to their practice. She has a keen interest in learning, discovering how people learn, what methods provide the best conditions, how knowledge is formed and transmitted, which is reflected in her approach when assisting others on their learning journey.

Victoria was a member of The Collective Studio 2019-20. During the 9-month development programme (run by The NewBridge Project) pervious sparks of interest into the artist-led and alternative education were nurtured and became a hearty fire. Prior to this Victoria was invited to be a member of Planetary Processing (an artist-led peer forum held at The Photographers’ Gallery and funded by Artquest). This experience cemented her belief in peer-learning (paragogy) – a fundamental aspect of her creative learning methodology. Victoria is furthering their own learning journey as a currently student at School of the Damned.