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Symposium: Phytogenesis II: Provocations of Plants, Philosophy and Photography


L1 by Jamie House

L1 © Jamie House

Please join us for a 1 day symposium on Zoom organised by Carole Baker of University of Plymouth and Marjolaine Ryley, research student at Newcastle University and Senior Lecturer at the University of Sunderland in partnership with NEPN.

Building on the success of the Phytogenesis symposium of 2021 in which trans-disciplinary dialogue was generated around the newly enlivened subject of vegetal life, Phytogenesis II seeks to expand the field of enquiry by exploring more overtly political and activist nuances and provocations in the plant-philosophy-photography assemblage.

Climate change, and its devastating global effects, provides an impetus for this shift in focus, away from the instrumental and towards the ethical, allowing for ‘plant-human becomings and coevolutions to emerge’ (Dr Giovanni Aloi, 2018).

Speakers: Dr Fabri Blacklock, Dr Prudence Gibson, Malcolm Dickson, Dr Uriel Orlow, Nettie Edwards, William Arnold, Jamie House, Hannah Fletcher, Dr Giovanni Aloi.

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L1 Jamie House

L1 © Jamie House