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Update: Talking about walking

Posted on: 15 February 2011

Our first photography walk is on Wednesday 23rd February. Rendezvous is at 5pm at the Lit&Phil, Westgate Road, Newcastle.

Remember, though: no cameras allowed!

This (short) walk is folllowed by the Photography Reading Group, from 5.30 – 7pm at the Lit&Phil. We’ll be joined by Wideeyed who will talk about their involvement in the Collective Encounters exhibition opening at Format 11 Photofestival in Derby next month.

The exhibition’s curator Yasmina Reggad has decided to explore the concept of ‘The Flâneur’. She invited collectives working with or about photography and related media to look at this concept through the lens of the mobile observer/aesthete  that Walter Benjamin championed.  From this starting point, the exhibition questions different characters of the flâneur, translated into artistic method for the exploration of the city.

The exhibition will showcase 4 new commissioned artworks, including one by ASA & Wideyed.