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Opportunity: The Versatile Image: Photography in the Era of Web 2.0

Posted on: 22 February 2011

Registration is now open for an international conference which will be held in the North East.  The Versatile Image: Photography in the Era of Web 2.0 invites scholars, educators, curators, and visual artists to look closely at the current state of the novel “hypervisual” environment that we now live in and identify new avenues of research in this rapidly evolving field.

Selected papers by 25 international speakers will showcase contemporary scholarship on the topic in the wider area of humanities, from art history, visual culture studies and museology, to media studies, visual anthropology and sociology, as well as art projects, individual and/or collaborative.

The conference will host panel presentations, keynote talks and forums to explore: the ontological, conceptual, technical, and aesthetic premises of photography in the era of Web 2.0; the changing use, exhibition and social value of contemporary vernacular imagery; the mutation of photographic genres and their currency in different online contexts of viewing; the blurring of the boundaries between the private and the public, and the related issues of voyeurism, exhibitionism and ethics.

Keynote speakers: David Bate (University of Westminster); Mia Fineman (Metropolitan Museum of Art); Martin Lister (University of West of England); and Julian Stallabrass (Courtauld Institute of Art).