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Mothers Grief, Julian Germain

Mother's Grief, Julian Germain

Still from Mother's Grief © Julian Germain

  • Dates:April 2014
  • Status:Archived

A project commissioned by NEPN working in partnership with Sunderland Minster as part The Great North Passion.

Julian Germain’s work often pays homage to what might be termed popular photography, in particular the family pictures and snapshots that we routinely make as keepsakes and mementos. This project emphasises how significant these images are, in a broad cultural sense as well as in an individual and intensely personal way. These kinds of pictures shape and spark deep feelings.

Germain created two film portraits in response to the theme of ‘mother’s grief’, in which Julie Reay and Julie Patten, both from Sunderland, were invited to contemplate their pictures of their children, Peter and Leanne, both of whom have passed away.

The project was commissioned by NEPN working in partnership with The Cultural Spring and Sunderland Minster as part of The Great North Passion, a programme of creative workshops and socially-engaged art commissions, produced by The Cultural Spring.  The project culminated in South Shields on Good Friday of 2014 with 60 shipping containers containing artworks.

With sincere thanks to Julie Patten, Julie Reay and the Peter David Lane Trust Fund.