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Fantasy Photo Studio, Kuba Ryniewicz

Fantasy Photo Studio © Kuba Ryniewicz

Fantasy Photo Studio © Kuba Ryniewicz

  • Dates:September 2015
  • Status:Archived

A pop-up photo studio project with Kuba Ryniewic.

In Autumn 2015, Photographic artist Kuba Ryniewicz was commissioned to develop Fantasy Photo-Studio, a city centre pop-up for the Sunderland 2021 City of Culture bid launch weekend. The vision was to create a humorous and engaging play on the aspirations of the city to develop as a cultural destination, borrowing references from traditions of the holiday snapshot and tourist information brochures.

Kuba welcomed visitors to have their portraits taken, inviting them to adopt various mysterious postures and gestures and photographing them against a blank white backdrop. Studio assistants dropped these portraits into colourful digital backdrops, instantly transporting people to fantasy worlds conjured up from Sunderland landmarks and in return giving back a humorous photographic souvenir to be taken away.


Kuba Ryniewicz is an artist based in the North East of England. His work challenges traditional portraiture and travel chronicle to narrate unheard stories in the context of landscape, history, fashion and culture.