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Photography, Environment, Action

Untitled (Pollard), 2019 © Michele Allen

Untitled (Pollard), 2019 © Michele Allen

  • Dates:June 2021
  • Status:Archived

An online symposium produced by NEPN.

Held over two days, 24- 25 June 2021, this event explored the role of photography in communicating the environmental crisis and approaches to sustainable practice, stimulating discussions about photography, radicalism and activism, including its relationship to aesthetics, sustainability and ecology, impact and reach, collectivism and voice.

Speakers: T.J. Demos, Shahidul Alam, Michele Allen, Edd Carr, Hannah Fletcher, Sabina Sallis.

Produced by Amanda Ritson of NEPN with photographic artist and researcher Marjolaine Ryley.

T.J. Demos Talk, 24 June 2021

Radical Futurisms: Insurgent Universality, Solidarity, and Worlds-to-Come

With reference to three international examples of contemporary art—those of Thirza Jean Cuthand, The Otolith Group, and Black Quantum Futurism—this short talk discusses current modelings of radical futurisms and worlds-to-come that refuse surrender to capitalist realism. Where radical imagination meets radical praxis is in the material forces of solidarity, the political form of belonging, more than ever necessary today in the collective battle against international fascisms and global neoliberalisms. While acknowledging the bankruptcy of Eurocentric universalisms, this presentation defends approaches to insurgent political formations beyond identitarian fragmentation, including a political aesthetics of abolition—ultimately of racial and colonial capitalism.

Shahidul Alam, Photography, Environment, Action Symposium, 25 June 2021

Beyond the Numbers, a talk by Shahidul Alam at the online symposium Photography, Environment, Action, programmed by NEPN.

Michele Allen, Photography, Environment, Action Symposium 25 June 2021

A talk by artist Michele Allen focussing on her project The Weight of Ants in the World and activism within her practice, delivered for the NEPN-produced symposium Photography, Environment, Action.

Edd Carr, Photography, Environment, Action Symposium 25 June 2021

An Ecological Future for Photography, a talk by Edd Carr for the NEPN-produced Photography, Environment, Action Symposium.

Hannah Fletcher, Photography, Environment, Action Symposium, 25 June 2021

A talk delivered at the NEPN produced Symposium Photography, Environment, Action.

Sabina Sallis, Photography, Environment Action Symposium

A talk delivered by visual artist Sabina Sallis at the NEPN-produced online symposium Photography, Environment, Action.