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SHIFTS, Professional Development and Research Programme

  • Dates:2021-2022
  • Status:Ongoing

A professional development and research programme for the photographers in the North East, delivered 2021-2022.

Yiannis (2016) © Panos Kokkinias.

Photography in the 21st Century Museum - Symposium.

Yiannis (2016) © Panos Kokkinias. Archival inkjet, 80 x 122 cm. Courtesy of the artist and Xippas Gallery, Paris, Geneva, Montevideo.

The SHIFTS project offers a new series of talks and peer discussions, workshops and symposiums, exploring the shifting landscape for the production of meaningful photographic work and the ways in which relationships with audience are evolving. As we move into a period of recovery and repositioning beyond Covid, we aim to explore how photographers can adapt to changing contexts whilst looking forward, considering new opportunities and sharing strategies for developing resilience.

Symposiums delivered in 2021/2:
Photography, Environment, Action with speakers T.J. Demos, Michele Allen, Shahidul Alam, Edd Carr, Hannah Fletcher and Sabina Sallis, produced by Amanda Ritson of NEPN with photographic artist and researcher Marjolaine Ryley.
Photography in the 21st Century Museum, with speakers Matteo Balduzzi, Marta Weiss, Thomas Seelig and Alexandra Moschovi produced to coincide with the publication of Alexandra Moschovi’s monograph A Gust of Photo-Philia: Photography in the Art Museum.

Talks delivered in 2021/2: Shahidul Alam, Laia Abril, Mark Neville

Workshops offered in 2021/22:
Recognising Your Assets with Dr Susanne Burns
Soil Chromatography with Hannah Fletcher
Preparing for a Practice-based PhD delivered in partnership with Creative Fuse
InDesign for Photo Publishing and Collaborative Publication Making with Folium Publishing.
Defining Your Why delivered by Mortal Fools.

Image by Paul Alexander Knox, one of four selected photographers for the SHIFTS Professional Development Programme.

Image from the Pop Recs Ltd archive © Paul Alexander Knox

In late 2021, NEPN invited applications from NE-based photographers for a new SHIFTS Professional Development Programme. The programme aims to support photographers who wish to explore new areas of research and development, or new ways of making and sustaining their practice. This scheme aims not be prescriptive; but to listen to the needs of applicants and to support individuals to progress in relation to their own needs. Bursaries will be awarded without expectation of artistic output, allowing investment in photographers for their own development.

The selected four photographers selected by a panel made up of photographers Joanne Coates, Ingrid Pollard, Kuba Ryniewicz and NEPN are: Will Creswick, Paul Alexander Knox, Lorna MacKay and Simone Jimena Rudolphi.


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