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Tim Mitchell, Product

Front Cover

Tim Mitchell, Product (front cover).

  • Dates:September 2019
  • Status:Archived

First monograph co-commissioned by NEPN and Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art, published by KERBER.

Publication Preview


Video by Bo Harris, Antonia Green, Mia Tierney

How do we value the life we are living? For 15 years, photographer Tim Mitchell has studied 21st century objects and commodities, as their transformation testifies to our ever-changing everyday values. He is a poignant observer of social and environmental issues and in his first monograph Product, he asks what sustainable, ethical models of production and utilisation could be. The book addresses the glamorous chaos of Paris Fashion Week as well as the repercussions of global clothes recycling and the financial crisis in Greece.  Economical, sociological and art historical essays provide further context.

Hardcover, 230 coloured illustrations. ISBN 978-3-7356-0602-017.

Edited by Alistair Robinson, Northern Gallery for Contemporary Art.

Texts by Luc Boltanski & Arnaud Esquerre, Mike Crang, Nicky Gregson, Emily McMehen, Helen James, Michalis Nikolakakis, Lucy Norris, Alistair Robinson, Carol McKay – NEPN and University of Sunderland.

Design by Brighten the Corners, London / Frankfurt am Main.

Available at NGCA or via KERBER