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Extraction Shift, Aaron Guy

Still from Extraction, Shift © Aaron Guy

Still from Extraction, Shift © Aaron Guy

  • Dates:December 2013
  • Status:Archived

A moving image work commissioned by NEPN.

Extraction, Shift.

Building on an earlier research residency supported by NEPN, and body of work A Shift in Extraction, 2011, Extraction,  Shift. ponders further on the methods and architecture of new extraction industries.

While the questions of ethics, privacy and machine learning are present, we are asked to consider through machine generated images, visualisation and everyday scenarios of recreation and work,if as a society we are using an architecture that will increase new forms of post traumatic stress in future generations.

HD Video 16.9 / 4.3



Produced with the support of Sunderland Association Football Club and using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.

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